10 August, 2022

Overview of the funds collected as of 10.08.2022

We are gaining momentum in collecting funds for the needs of the Ukrainian population and the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Owing to the auction carried out earlier this summer we managed to significantly increase the number of transfers for the reporting period. This resulted in a considerable growth of our capabilities accordingly.

From July 10 to August 10 we collected the following funds:


  • € 311.84 
  • $ 3.00 

Current account:

  • € 97.77 
  • £ 69 961.10 


  • UAH 4 515.70 

The raised sums have been used for:

  • covering the cost for Humanitarian aid from Germany collection and delivery to a humanitarian aid depot - $ 769.95
  • our Foundation's first acquisition of a vehicle for the Armed Forces of Ukraine (Jeep Grand Cherokee) purchased in Germany - € 8 650
  • payment for the delivery of two cars for the Armed Forces of Ukraine to the German city of Stuttgart - € 900,00

The vehicle has already been delivered to Ukraine. Now it will be upgraded in accordance with the targeted conditions of its usage, will be re-painted as outlined by the order of the military unit, and will then be handed over to the Armed Forces of Ukraine for combat duty.

Our sincere gratitude to all indifferent for the help rendered!

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